The laboratory

Dielen is a French biotechnology company created in 1978 by Bernard Noel, an agronomist engineer. Since its creation, Laboratoire Dielen has specialised in the development, production and sale of natural health products.
We would like to help improve everyone’s health by promoting healthy lifestyle, training in nutrition and the development of truly efficient natural health products. We would like to promote this approach with respect to nature and to our customers.

Diet, lifestyle and regular physical exercises are essential to face the aggressions of modern society on our body. Natural health products, in addition to traditional medicine, have thus become a recognized prevention tool to protect the body. The main criteria of patients who are increasingly concerned about these solutions are safety, innovation and perceived effectiveness. Inspired by an ancestral know-how dating back to antiquity, Laboratoire Dielen has developed a unique expertise on marine hydrolysates. The nutritional richness due to the composition and bioavailability of the nutrients that make up this protein extract is used throughout the Mediterranean basin as macerated juice called Garum. Particularly appreciated by the Roman elite, it is believed to have curative properties for many diseases and especially a rejuvenating effect. In the 1930s and 1940s, scientific work was carried out by Pasteur Institute in France on the properties of these marine hydrolysates. Based on this work, Laboratoire Dielen undertook in the late 1970s to develop a modern form of this element of the traditional pharmacopoeia.

Identified and isolated, the bioactive peptides responsible for the beneficial properties of marine hydrolysates were then the subject of clinical studies, international publications and innovation patents. By combining these peptides with other nutrients with equally recognized health benefits, Laboratoire Dielen has developed a range of food supplements that meet the majority of health problems experienced on a daily basis. With a presence in several countries, Laboratoire Dielen wishes to contribute to the improvement of everyone's health through the prevention of risks by offering natural solutions. This is achieved through the promotion of healthy lifestyle, training in nutrition and the development of truly effective natural health products. We hope to promote this holistic approach in the respect of nature and mankind as close as possible to our customers.

The team

Bernard Noël


Antoine Noël


Paul Violette




Date when Laboratoire Dielen was created.

Beginning of collaborative research by Dr Lefevre and Bernard Noel on bioactive marine peptides and hydrolysed collagen.


Studies of products led by Professor Cloarec of Tenon Hospital (Paris).

Year of launch of Dielen’s range of dietary supplements.


Dielen now has about 20 partners worldwide and is enjoying strong sales growth in French pharmacies.


The supplements of Laboratoire Dielen are designed by nutritionists and medical experts in accordance with four principles.

● Offer effective formulas with health benefits that are proven by clinical studies.

● Produce original dietary supplements that are mainly based on natural ingredients.

● Ensure the products are provided in an optimal and balanced nutritional dose.

● Ensure pharmaceutical-level production quality.


The dietary supplements of Laboratoire Dielen are produced in accordance with the HACCP Manufacturing Best Practices and rules.

Our internationally renowned partners have ISO and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Best Practices certification. Our production site is approved by the French authorities.
Dielen natural health products are certified by Friends of The Sea and comply with principles of responsible fishing and the preservation of marine resources.
Laboratoire Dielen is committed to the protection of the environment and controls the raw materials it uses, preferring the use of products of natural origin.
Laboratoire Dielen invests in high-level sport and supports the members of the French national ski cross team and trail teams such as Cotentin Trail.